3 Ways to show love to our future finances

3 Ways To Show Love To Our Future Finances

Valentine’s day is all about romance and love, but how much love have you been giving your future finances lately? A lot of people have this romantic idea about what their future financial position will look like, but unless we tend to it along the way, we may find ourselves ending up with a frog instead of a prince.

But we can change that by showing some love.

3 Ways to show love to our future finances

Firstly, create a good home. Where are our finances going to live, perhaps in an offset account an investment portfolio or in superannuation? Show some love by creating a home that’s customised, fit for purpose and built to last. Don’t house your money in the financial equivalent of a tent.

Secondly, provide companionship. No one likes to be lonely and neither do our finances. When we come across extra money instead of spending it, how about investing it and giving our nest-egg some friends. Setting up a regular investment is one of the most overlooked ways to show love to our future finances.

Thirdly, set a vision for the future. We all like to know where we’re heading and there’s nothing like setting out to achieve a goal to help keep our finances on track.

Take a moment to show some love to our future finances by designing a financial roadmap. If you’d like help turning your future finances from a frog into a prince, into a prince, reach out and we can start a conversation.

I’m Luke Hanson, Financial Adviser and Director at My Financial Design.