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Here are some of the areas we’re experienced in and ready to give you expert financial advice.

Financial advice & financial planning

At its most fundamental, financial planning identifies where you are now, where you want to be in the future, then lays out a path to get you there. But we all know life is more than facts and figures, that’s why good financial advice takes these numbers and gives them meaning and relevance in the context of your world. The financial advice we provide at My Financial Design always has you at the centre.

Strategic advice

If only it was as simple as saving money in the bank and having your employer contribute into your super. This can be a good start, but on its own it’s not enough. Professional strategic advice navigates the intricacies of investments, taxation, structures and the ever-changing rules and regulations. Unlike some others in the financial planning sector, our focus isn’t on selling ‘products’. We take the time and work closely with you to understand your motivations and values then custom-design strategic advice that’s unique to you.

Retirement advice

This is the fun part - planning for the day you can hang up the boots and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle doing the things you love with the people you love.  You’ve worked hard throughout your life and deserve to reap the rewards during your retirement.  Your retirement advice will be unique to you.  Perhaps you’d like to ease into retirement and supplement your reduced wage with a regular income payment .  Or maybe you plan to retire full-time and could benefit from converting your super to an income stream paying you regular income. 

Beneath the surface of all retirement planning is a lot of complex regulation and rules, often with the consequence of penalties and taxes if you get it wrong.  My Financial Design specialises in financial advice in the lead up to retirement and then during retirement itself.  We’re here to guide you through these complexities and make sure you’ve got clarity and confidence in your retirement years ahead.

Wealth creation & investment advice

Getting the right mix of investments all working together to align with your financial design is key. At My Financial Design we aren’t in the business of short-term selling/buying and trying to time the market. Instead, we take a long-term strategic approach knowing that it’s time in the market over multiple market cycles that builds long-term wealth. Whether its shares, managed funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), property, bonds, fixed interest, cash or something else - your investment portfolio is designed to increase your personal wealth.

Managing your own portfolio can lead to missed opportunities and bad decisions based on following the crowd or media gurus. We provide professional investment advice that fits in with your financial roadmap.

Superannuation advice

Pretty much every working Australian has a super account - but is your super optimised and working hard for you? It can be something we put in the too hard basket in amongst the busyness of life. Did you know that superannuation is usually the most tax-effective method of investing in Australia? Simply relying on what your employer puts into your super may not be enough to build a large enough nest-egg.

Don’t wait until retirement to get your super sorted, use the years you’re still working to build and make the most of this chunk of money (sometimes the largest asset you have outside your home).

Wealth protection & life insurance advice

Have you noticed life doesn’t always go to plan? Sometimes we can focus on growing our wealth but neglect to protect it. While not nice to think about, having coverage in place for the event of death, disability, accident and illness is critical to form a well-rounded protection plan. When it comes to these insurances you don’t want junk policies, dealing with someone who is here today and gone tomorrow.

My Financial Design has access to a wide range of insurers so that we can select the right level and quality of coverage tailored to your needs and health circumstances.

Estate planning

You’ve worked hard to get to where you are, but what happens to your wealth once you’re no longer with us? Taking the time to correctly structure your estate planning now reduces the burden on your family down the track and gives you confidence that your financial assets will benefit those you intend. We can help you structure your estate plan to suit your family’s needs as tax-effectively as possible. It is very common to have complex family relationships, so your estate plan needs to reflect and deal with this complexity to look after the people who matter to you.


In Australia, being generous with our resources towards benevolent causes is rarely talked about and often sporadic. Perhaps you give to charities on an ad-hoc basis but as your wealth continues to grow, you’d like to be more purposeful and have a strategy around your giving. Whilst others may be telling you to keep everything for yourself and consider it strange to give money away, at My Financial Design, we understand the power of generosity and will make you feel comfortable if this is an area you’d like to pursue and participate in.

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