Goal Achieving Blog Part 4

Financial Goal Achieving #3. Track It!

I’m Luke Hanson, Financial Adviser and Director at My Financial Design. Once we’ve designed a roadmap to achieving our goal, to keep heading in the right direction we need to Track It!

This is the final video in the series on Goal Achieving. We’ve covered Write it and Cost it. Now it’s time to Track it. This third step is what separates goal-achieving from simply goal setting. It’s easy to get a burst of motivation and set a goal. It’s an entirely different thing to stay on track and achieve it.

Regularly checking and measuring increases our likelihood of success.

Tracking not only confirms that we’re on the right path, but if for whatever reason we’re not achieving our milestones, we’ve now created an opportunity to make adjustments. I often describe the financial planning that I do with my clients as designing their personalised financial roadmap. It’s not a set and forget the process, it’s a living breathing plan that we update each year.

When it comes to literal roadmaps, how good is it to have a GPS tell us the moment we deviate or take a wrong turn and immediately reroute us so that we can still get to our destination? That’s what we want our goal-achieving experience to be like.

There’s a saying that you can’t manage what you don’t measure. Life happens and circumstances change, but instead of giving up on our goals at this point, let’s keep making adjustments and moving forward to get to our destination. If we take the time to track our goals, we’ll be achieving them in no time.

If you’re looking for help tracking your financial goals, reach out to me and we can start a conversation.