Power of Partnership Financial Advisor Brisbane

The Power Of Partnership

Have you noticed there’s strength in working together, whether it be in nature, sport or our professional and personal relationships?

I find life works best with others.

The Power Of Partnership

Firstly, partnership brings perspective. We all see things differently based on our own lived experiences, education, etc. Coming together allows us to leverage off each other, to take things to a new level. Something not possible if we’re only left to our own devices, it’s this added perspective that can spark creativity and solutions.

Also, I find that on our own, we can start to form blind spots and sometimes a lack of self-awareness. Having a trusted partner on board with us can minimise this happening.

Secondly, partnership releases pressure. When we’ve got someone alongside us, helping to carry the load and watching our back the pressure of having to get everything right on our own dissipates. And sometimes this pressure we feel is actually self-inflicted. As we’re willing to put a higher, more unrealistic expectation on ourselves than what we would on others or a partner.

Having a partner alongside us helps keep us grounded and we can achieve better results when we’re more relaxed and level-headed. If you’re looking for a financial adviser to partner with to provide an added perspective to your finances and to take the pressure off having to get every financial decision right by yourself, reach out and start a conversation.

I’m Luke Hanson, Financial Adviser and Director at My Financial Design.