Why I Love Being A Financial Adviser

Why I Love Being A Financial Adviser

I first started working in financial planning in 2004, having graduated university with one of the first degrees specialising in financial planning.

Since then, there’s been a lot of changes in the industry and the role of a financial planner looks very different today than what it did back in 2004.

Why I Love Being A Financial Adviser

One of these changes is the way we interact with our clients and the level of involvement you have along the way. In fact, that’s what inspired my business name, My Financial Design, not only because each financial design is unique and personalised, but because all of my clients take ownership of their strategy because it belongs to them. It’s this time spent with my clients that I love most about my work. But not just time for time’s sake, but purposeful time spent building the foundation of our relationship for years to come and knowing my clients well enough to know what financial strategy is going to work and fit them.

One of my favourite moments in getting to know a husband and wife client in the initial stages and asking them some questions about where they are now and where they see themselves in the future. And one spouse will give an answer and the other will turn to them and say, I never knew that about you! That’s the level of relationship I love building. And that’s why I love being a financial adviser.

At the end of the day, your life represents more than just a financial set of data on a page. And while your financial information is important, if you don’t have a financial adviser who sees through that into who you are as a person, you’re never going to have a financial plan that truly represents you and your journey.

I’m so glad financial planning has changed over the years to be less product-focused and more people-focused. If you’re looking for a financial adviser who sees you for who you are, and not just a set of numbers on a spreadsheet, reach out to me and start a conversation.

I’m Luke Hanson, Financial Adviser and Director at My Financial Design.